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Landscapes and Dreamscapes

Landscapes and Dreamscapes

Inspired by the landscape and dreamscape of the Celtic nations, the fascination of the tiny, and the possibilities in a thread...


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Oct 2018

2018 has been a fairly crazy year, with health issues forcing some major changes, however it gave me the opportunity for a fair bit of travelling through the glorious hot summer months, although creative endeavours were mostly limited to crochet while on the road! I'm just about to go to Australia for a few weeks so hope to get inspired on the trip, then plan to have a rather relaxed winter working at personal projects (such as my dolls house) before next season kicks off in earnest.

I hope you enjoy my miniatures, of which a selection is now in the Gallery; this is a direction I think will have greater prominence next year, as well as improving my folk art techniques and developing a couple of big crochet designs

Thanks to everyone who continues  to support me through thick and thin, and I hope you enjoy all the new stuff as much as I do creating it. Plenty more creative outpourings are scheduled !

Keep checking back! See you soon!

Anna x