anna woolston 

Landscapes and Dreamscapes

About Me

I am a largely self-taught artist living and working in West Cornwall, UK.


I primarily paint in acrylics across a range of styles. The sea is an important theme in my work, surrounded as I am on three sides by the ocean. The shapes I find in nature, geology and the landscape also fascinate me, as does the interplay of one colour against another.

I experiment in textured and erased surfaces interleaved with imagery which suggests a story, and explore the possibilities of paint application using both additive and subtractive methods.

Examples of other work are also here, I make pieces both new and found with pyrography, and also work in a number of craft disciplines including folk art, polymer miniatures for dollshouses, and crochet.


Most of the work on this site is for sale; please feel free to contact me to enquire on availability of any piece. I do my best to keep the site updated, but occasionally a piece may no longer be available, or out on loan or rent.

I also accept commissions, please e-mail me to discuss your requirements.