Colours of Pembrokeshire Colours of Pembrokeshire Abereiddy rocks 1 The exposure is a bit washed out, but I really like the planes of colour on this one. May be turned into a painting one day... 102694480 Abereiddy rocks 2 I had been watching "Coasteers" enjoy this stretch for the last hour, when they had gone the light was just right for this dramatic shot. 102694481 Abermaur pebbles The colours and variation of the pebbles in Pembrokeshire far outshone any I have found in Cornwall. 102694482 Barafundle dunes Taken in October, I loved the almost skeleton bleached-out trees on this stretch of dunes. 102694483 Bosherton heron The colours on this are not adjusted at all. I had tried several shots along the path, none of which worked, and then lucked out with this. I failed to spot any otters though, so cannot be considered a "twotter" (local idiom)- thx Coast! 102694484 Cwm Gwaun squall On our journey into Wales we drove through a blinding rain-storm at Swansea, then cut across inland towards Fishguard. At the top of the ridge we stopped to watch the next squall heading inland where I caught this shot. 102694485 Manorbier rockpool OK- so I enhanced the colours on this one- but actually not that much. The rockpool WAS really that jewel-toned. You can see the painted version of this in the album Gone to Good Homes. The clients gave the wow factor and i had a lot of fun painting it- it took me three months which is probably the longest I've ever worked on a project continuosly... 102694486 Marloes sloes I couldn't believe that such a rich harvest of sloes was so near and yet so far! Big juicy berries cascading down to the cliff.. I thought the local birds were ungrateful! In a week end Nov 2010) were we have seen temperatures fall extremely in South Wales, I'll bet those birds have remembered where dinner is... 102694487 Porthgain limpets The brilliant blue and yellow were how my digital camera translated this low-tide image of the end of Porthgain quay. Loving the limpets though- this one may get a painted version soon! 102694488 Tenby gull This guy was so "look at me". Gorgeous colours though... 102694489 Tenby houses The light was all wrong and I had to go with what I could juggle. It was out of season but I managed not to get any of the myriad builder/decorators in the frame. 102694490 Trefin ripples Worn slate with dry and saturated layers. Already being worked on as a graphic. Watch this site! 102694491