Latest Work Latest Work Heart shaped trinket box Pyrography and Acrylic colour 201846667 Small Square trinket box With an organic pyrographed motif 201846668 Tree of Life round box Pyrographed design 201846669 Steamer Trunk 12th scale for trinkets or dolls houses 201846670 Pirate Chest 12th scale for trinkets or dolls houses 201846672 Wooden 2-part egg Pyrography and metallic ink 201846673 Wooden 2-part egg Pyrography 201846674 Small wooden goblet Found object up-cycled with an oakleaf / acorn motif in pyrography and paint 201846675 Drake's Island Acrylic on 3D canvas 201846676 Roche Rock Acrylic on canvas, also available as coasters, fridge magnets and keyfobs 201846677