Photographs Photographs Aeonium A difficult subject as the camera always insists on making the highlights blue, however this is my best attempt of a favourite plant from many failures 79932276 Mappa Mundi Lichen, the stuff that splodges itself over boulders. Next time you see some stop and have a closer look... 120860187 Agapanthus Dead heads in a garden at Mullion Cove made a structural statement 79932277 Lunar Landscape More lichen, one of the white patchy sort ( won't baffle you with the Latin names cos I don't know them either!) I'm guessing the bumps are spore cells... 120860188 Arches Maybe not the best angle, but beautiful sea colour, one of the arches on the harbour at St Ives, Cornwall 79932278 Fence Post Look at the colours where the rust has run off the wire...and the subtle tones where the post has been shaped 120860189 Cats Eye A vintage Jag over which my husband was located, drooling... 79932279 Rubber and Chain Heavy duty towing kit for trawls, the rubber is to protect the boat from excess damage when hauling in 79932281 Field Flower This is what a cauliflower looks like when the cauli has been was an opportune shot as the tractor approached to rotovate it in! 120860191 Otterboard Polperro Harbour. Otterboards are the large metal plates which are used to keep the neck of a trawl net open. They make good abstract subjects too 79932282 Fairground Reflections Photographing Moggies for a friend, this highly polished exhibit gave a lovely reflection of the sideshows 79932283 Gothic filigree This decorative piece of seaweed caught my eye as I sat down for a snack break 120860193 The Business End An old threshing machine- I use this photo as a colour marker for printing accuracy with my temperamental Epson... 79932285 Wheels upon Wheels A traction engine at Gwinear Vintage Rally 79932286 Tellin Tales Porthcurno shell sand 120860197 Meeting of Minds A group of surfers share thoughts on a blown-out day 79932288 Mussel Power Get the feeling these boys are outgrowing their territory...sleek lines though! 120860198 Nanven Cross The tide rearranges the round boulders daily- Porth Nanven is otherwise known as the dinosaur beach fo its egg-shaped boulders 79932289 Volcanic Rock These wonderful giant barnacles can only be found at really low tides, I had to get up early to reach Porthcurno at the right time. They're sometimes more than a centimetre wide and just look so wonderfully alien 120860199 Winch Newlyn fishing boat 79932290 Fossil Bubbles I love the strong shapes that a colony of barnacles can make on a rock 120860200 Quiet Reflections On the pontoons in Newlyn Harbour- a millpond day and bright sun- good but rare combination 79932291 Yellow Buoy Reflections in Newlyn Harbour 79932293 Sunlit Leaves Trevarno 79932294 Fascicularia Bicolor Trevarno 79932295 Old English Rose My brother-in-law, an amateur photographer, was curious to know why I hadn't cropped out the dead buds, but old English roses are quite short lived in their flowering span so it seemed appropriate to keep them in 79932297 New Growth A rhodedendron bud at Trevarno 79932298 Red for Danger A detail of the train being restored to run on a track from Helston to Camborne- via Trevarno-when they rebuild the track... 79932299 Mushroom Forest Found in the valley at Trevarno. This photo is where I discovered depth of field, luckily I got a useable shot. 79932300 Cotinus purpurea Trevarno Gardens. I love the way a digital camera will transmute colours into their opposites sometimes, and it helps with how I use colour in my paintings 79932301 Trevarno Goose He lives in the boathouse and defies visitors- he also remembered me from the other side of the lake-I was trying to photograph the stained glass in his home- and is here homing in for round 2- we beat a hasty retreat! Got the shot though! 79932302 Buoy oh buoy Mullion Cove boat 79932303 Cheesy? Spotted at Porthleven near the clocktower- an occasional sighting hereabouts although styles may vary... 79932304 Passion Flower The fact of not getting an uncluttered shot of the flower actually worked in its favour, I think 79932305 Sunset Tide Last light at Gwithian- I kept shooting until the auto-settings gave up on me, this is one of the most successful with the pool in the foreground helping to bounce light 79932306