Around Cornwall Around Cornwall Coastal Mine A print of a part finished canvas with outlining applied by hand 165090392 Late Daffodils, Roseworthy 8" x 8" Acrylic on 3D canvas #211006 A burst of colour on an overcast day, surrounded by newly planted fields of cauliflowers 124399717 Around the Harbour A print of a part finished canvas with outlines added in pen 165090393 Nine gold Leaves I was driving past Culdrose Navy base on the way to the Lizard, and the last few leaves on the trees outside the officer's quarters shone gold in the late-season sunlight. The following week they had all blown away. I had to use a friend's cherry tree as a reference. The minimalist background echoes the concrete accommodation block behind the row of trees. 79937773 Lazy Tide 16"x16" box canvas. To be auctioned in September as part of the Harvest Festival at The Royal Standard, Gwinear. 164822087 The Path of Copper 8" x16" approx Oil on MDF #211020 Inspired by the mining landscape of West Penwith 124399718 Porthmeor Studios 12" x 18" approx Oil on board #211018 The outcome of a recent Ben Nicholson workshop where I combined the techniques I had learned with my personal visual lexicon. As the studios are undergoing a massive refit I wanted to record them before modernity catches up, and as a souvenir of the workshop. They are a piece of my childhood which always fascinated me and it was a real and unexpected privilege to work in the space once occupied by Ben Nicholson. 124399719 Still Life with Smeaton's Pier 12" x 18" approx Oil on board #211017 The result of a recent Ben Nicholson workshop with the inspirational Marion Taylor, a new departure for me both in technique and materials 124399722 Cumulus over Phillack If I could emulate fantasy art, I'd want to turn the cloud into a dragon. It was solitary and majestic. 79937774 The View from the Tate 16" x16" Oil on canvas #211021 I had the outline of this for quite a while, informed by the strong lines of the main gallery at Tate St Ives and the view to the beach. I used oil paint to experiment in an alternative and (to me) new medium 124399724 St Ives Rooftops 10"x10" inks, soluble pencil and dyes on waterclour paper, framed. 158140030 Tregenna Hill, St Ives 10"x10" 3D canvas I loved the strong shapes of the whitewashed frontages ascending the hill (noticed while exiting takeaway with meatball-stuffed sub in other hand-moral: there is discovery to be had in the most unusual places) #211004 119200809 From the Harbour 12" x 12" 3D canvas #210043 Godrevy seen from St Ives on a wonderfully clear day when the light and colours were just fantastic. A workmate thought this was a photo recently (I use it as my desktop wallpaper at work). I had to disabuse him. 86994979 Harbour Outlook 7" x 5" 3D canvas #210038 Two of the wonderfully crooked cottages overlooking St Ives harbour 85667699 Geevor Dawn 15"x15" approx. Mixed media on paper 138055721 Godrevy Beach Now hanging in Cape Town, the owner having worked in West Cornwall for several years. 80640392 Polperro Blue 1 8" x 20" 3D canvas #210040 I got this straight-on photo of houses in Polperro Harbour while trapped at the fishmarket by a surprise cloudburst, so it got slightly abstracted to accentuate the design elements 86580960 In Memory of Trees SOLD This textured piece came about after visiting Trevarno Gardens with my husband and my brother-in-law who is a landscape gardener. some trees had been coppiced and I wanted to catch both the texture and light falling on them. 79937777 Nanven Adit This is in the Cot Valley near St Just, one of many cliff scrapings in early attempts to find tin seams. The perpetual trickle of water is there even in the driest conditions 79937778 Lido 1 20" x20" 3D canvas #210041 Painted from sketches and photos taken at the re-opening of the Penzance Lido Contact for availability 86587968 Serpentine The colours of serpentine never fail to amaze me, having lived on the Lizard for many years. The Viking-esk serpent outline underneath was a witty addition as I planned the composition 79937780 Storm over Nanterrow This storm-light was lurking inland after a wonderfully sunny afternoon on the beach. 79937781 Wheal Dream This end-on shot inspired me to paint because of the wonderful lichen marks on the rear extension. Since painting it the extension has been modernised and double-glazed so I'm glad to have captured it when I did. (The turquoise door is now pre-fab white plastic!) 79937782 Kynance Tide The sky is the focus in this one, I had seen the wispy yet dramatic sweeps of cloud on several visits to the Lizard and wanted to exploit it in local views. 80641158 Mousehole This was painted on a dark ground and I deliberately chose an inward-looking angle. I have had many comments on how different it is from the standard Mousehole chocolate-box treatment- so I guess it worked! It's probably the longest - time-wise - painting I have done, as the colours were worked up in numerous layers. 80641159 Newlyn Pulleys This is actually a maquette of a larger piece, and I gave it to a friend many years ago who had given me a studio easel. I may have had the better half of the deal! I bumped into him recently and was able to say that the easel is now in daily use. The full size version is on MDF and slightly unfinished, and with minor damage from its travels- it lacks the light quality of the maquette; it will probably be re-worked on canvas when I find time. Newlyn Harbour is now so tidy (Health and Safety regs) that you would be hard-pressed to find this subject now 81482007 Godrevy Island SOLD I wanted to try a graphic treatment of the island with dry-brushed acrylic. The final result would have probably been better on a smaller canvas (looks good on a key-ring though) 80641162 Road to Riviera The road in to work (Riviera Produce Ltd) one cold, rainy 4pm last November (2009). It was really light over St Ives though...People who have seen the canvas have remarked on the impression of waves- they have seen the sky as sea- and if I squint I see what they mean... 80641163 Rock Fault 16" x 20" Acrylic on 3D canvas At Porthtowan, there is this amazing J shaped geological structure in the east cliff. I thought it deserved a graphic treatment and produced this Contact for Availability 80641164 Roseworthy Dip Late November back in 2009... the wet earth and late corn stubble made the valley come alive... 80641165