Folk art and flowers Folk art and flowers Anemones 79938884 Yellow Roses The colours were inspired from my mother-in-law's coffin, a wicker casket decorated with all her favourite yellow and white flowers. 79940146 Snakeshead Fritallaria 79938885 Autumn Cottage 5" x 5" 3D canvas #210026 Originally designed as a 2" circular wooden badge, I was curious to see how it translated to a larger scale. 83821300 Calla Lily 79938886 Ndebele panel I particularly love (African) Ndebele art and often experiment with designs in different colour combinations. The Ndebele decorate their houses and it is usually the women who are responsible for this. Originally they used natural pigments but now use manufactured paints. The designs are symbolic of status and modern ones adapt everyday objects such as streetlights into elements of the whole 79940147 African Girl The central image was adapted from a National Geographic photo many years ago for a graphic project while still at school, titled "Girl at the guelta". When I reworked it on canvas a Ndebele influenced border was added. Metallic highlights make the piece shine. 79940148 Turquoise panel While similar to African tribal art, this piece was inspired by Amerindian bead-weaving motifs. 80642672 House By Sea 5" x 5" 3D canvas #210023 One of the early Ancarva Designs badges, this became the top seller, so it seemed logical to re-work it. It's a simple image which a lot of people resonate with. 83821302 Berries SOLD In the Russian Zhostovo style. 79940149 Pink Rose English folk art at it's most fundamental. A canal-art style rose. 79940150 Cat in the Tulips The cat was originally part of a silk painting design. I wanted to entangle his arched back with a foreground feature. The background is metallic gold which the photo does not do justice to. 80642674 Leaf motif Originally a folk design painted on a plant pot as a repeat border. This version has metallic gold highlights. 79940151 3 Pear Trees A folk art treatment of trees with gold metallic highlights 80642675 Palm Tree I think of this as an homage to Monkey Island (LucasArts)...with a nod to Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney)...a friend with Jamaican heritage now owns it. 79940153 Sheep 5" x 5" 3D canvas #210022 Another early Ancarva Designs favourite! 83821305 Nazca bird motif This design started life as the lid of a box in my short-lived attempt at pottery (O level). I re-sized him to fit on a square canvas- he looks happier for it. 79940152 Rose Row SOLD My second attempt at emulating the Zhostovo folk art style, in colours not to everyone's taste, however, I had a client interested and visitors to the pub beat her to it! 79940155 Pirate Beach A Monkey Island/Pirates moment, following on from the Palm Tree . Maybe red wasn't the best choice, I may need to re-work it in blue. Watch this space! 79940154 Magnolias Originally a design for a silk painting, I reworked it on canvas for the Harvest Auction 2008 at our local pub. It now resides in Australia. 80640396 Mstera style floral panel The Russian Mystera style traditionally paints designs onto a silver/aluminium base before varnishing with a yellow-gold tinted lacquer. I tried to paint on a gold base before I realised what the technique was (during an illuminating discussion in the Russian Shop at St. Ives). A Ukranian friend recognised the style though. 79940156 Rosy Posy My first foray into emulating the Zhostovo style (best known for tea trays) of Russian folk art. It became a Mother's Day gift to my mum. 80640398 African panel turq/copper While this looks distinctly Amerindian, the design elements were found in African art. I never fail to be amazed at the crossover between African and Amerindian art dating from before the slave diaspora. 80642680 Tulip An English folk art treatment of a distinctly Dutch subject. 79940157 Chrysanthemum An attempt to translate English folk style to an English flower. It's not perfect but I'm quite pleased with it as a first attempt 80642683 Green Farmhouse A rather dilapidated farmhouse near Helston was superimposed onto an experimental background to make up this one. When I say experimental, it was a small canvas used for random daubings to trial acrylic media- I can't bear waste! 80642684 Sana'a Red I have never been to the Yemen but have seen images of the fantastic architecture. After reading Tim Piggott-Smith's "Travels with a Tangerine", this is the result. (Footnote- I have since been reading Freya Stark and am convinced I have caught the spirit of the place based on her evocative 1930s descriptions) 80642693