Beach Life Beach Life Stormchasers 14" x 18" approx Acrylic on canvas, unframed #210060 I'd had the sea painted for a while, as a background for something else I'd had in mind. Then it came to me that a couple of yachts in the far distance would tell a greater story... 107651203 Pebble Forms (Yellow) 212001 20"x40" Acrylic media on 3D canvas 156790409 Puffin 5" x 5" 3D canvas #210031 Puffins are just SO joyous, you have to paint one! 83821303 Yellow VW SOLD A funky little classic. The numberplate was added last to personalise it 79940714 Pink Shell This shell design is years old, I first used it as a Lino cut at O level, and it has reincarnated over the years in many media. 79940715 Bedruthan Surf The tide was up and I was at the bottom of the steps within 20 feet of superb surf. I just had to capture it on canvas! This is one of my earlier paintings and shows both a lack of subtlety in the use of colour, and insufficient tonal depth to give the water solid volume 79940716 Separation Painted as an abstract, but subsequent comments have placed it firmly in the realm of harbour reflections. 79940719 Sunset Strips I was racing to the beach for sunset photos, and saw the colours through the paling fench on the dune boardwalk at Gwithian. 79940720 Cold Sentinel I painted this from memory after visiting the beach to find several shivering lifeguards, and not a surfer in sight! 80640391 Petal and Splitty SOLD Two classic VWs, one day I might get around to owning one! (When I down-grade from the 21ft 6-berth "Diddakoi" that is) 80641650 Blue Form Shapes inspired by contour ploughing suggested ripples, so I added sand... 80641652 Hayle Estuary The fantastic colours of the estuary under strong sunlight, it's almost a rainbow fix down there, you gotta see it for yourself! 80641654 Colony 1 7" x 5" 3D canvas painted around sides #210044 Snug as bugs in their crack in the granite...I found these little beauties at Porth Nanven. 87002311 Perfect Set A surfer finds his sweet wave- this was painted for commission and the client then wanted the surfer bigger- I was trying to show how BIG the sea and sand are...they dwarf the neoprene dudes any day... 80641655 Reading the Swells Another massive sky/sea pic, while the surfer sits back and meditates... 80641656 Surf Dog SOLD 6"x16" 3D canvas This character was mooching along he wave-line at Porthtowan one day.I love photographing dogs in the sea but this is the only one I have had such a good result with, right on the wave edge with his reflection below. I was pretty pleased with the way the dog turned out as it was my first attempt at a dog in paint. 80641167 small VW van 5"x5" 3D canvas Trial size VW splitty, not entirely accurate but I like to think it has a certain character 80642694