Mysteries and Dreamscapes Mysteries and Dreamscapes Winter Solstice 79939340 There Used to be Mermaids Here 16x16in 3D canvas, acrylic with media and glitter. Currently on display at The Mermaid Bistro, Penzance 195093903 Burrow Mump 8" x 20" 3D canvas #210049 I love this strange mound on the Somerset Levels, my family originates from close by and I always feel the need to visit if I'm in the area. It's on the famous Michael ley-line too... 93281133 Nine Men's Morris 20" x 20" 3D canvas #210047 Contact for availability 93281131 Fibula 1 80639954 In Dreams SOLD 79939344 Dark Dreaming While in the Barbara Hepworth garden my camera decided to have a Rothko moment while trying to photograph a group of monoliths in front of a stand of bamboo. I can't remember how many layers of colour are in this, I started with orange tones and built it upwards to achieve the dark and mystical aspect 80639953 Pebble Blue SOLD 79939345 Fire A containment of random brushstrokes within a pre-defined framework, inspired by flame watching in a log stove 80639955 Sunny Corner One of the Megalith series Contact for availability 80642687 Red Eye 79939346 Ghost Tree This wonderful "witch-tree" is a Cornish oak which I drive past every day (or night depending on shifts). I have changed it's shape slightly to accomodate the canvas format 80639956 Goddess I really love the pigment Quinacridone burnt orange and this formed the base layer. Detail was then scratched out with a stylus improvised from a dental drill bit. The statue is derived from the female effigies found at Katelhoyek in Turkey 80639957 Red Letter Day 80642686 Window on a Different World This began as reflections in a neighbour's window. I expanded the reflection lines across the picture plane while retaining the window shape as a textured focal point. I mixed a little irridescent medium into the blue to give a shimmer on the "glass" 80639958 4 Views of Barbara's bird bath SOLD 80642691 Cold Comfort One of my "megalithic" abstracts- I enjoy pulling compositions out of these elongated shapes. I chose a cold colour palette accented with metallic copper contact for availability 80642676 Waterfall SOLD An intuitive abstract based on an idea by Rolanda van der Klief. I painted a random frame of cells and filled in the shapes with colour. I added a small scatter of holographic glitter to the lines which just catches the light occasionally 80642678 Bloodlines I used a sponge to stipple graded colours before drawing a network of veins over the top. Originally I had flowing lava in my mind but chose to use blue for contrast- it proved to be a good choice Contact for availability 80642682 Surfacing Using only the three process colours I built up layers of glazes to see what would happen.The result reminded me of swimming up to the surface of deep clear water- hence the title. Process cyan doesn't photograph very well and the original has much more depth than this image suggests 80642688 That which was Lost... Another "monolithic" abstract, informed by ideas of sunken Atlantean cities- a combination of reading a conspiracy thriller and watching an archaelogical documentary in the same week. Painted at the same time as "Goddess" it also employed sgraffito techniques to pull out the highlights Contact for availability 80642690