Boats and Floats Boats and Floats I saw three ships... 6" x 16" 3D canvas #210056 I originally designed the boats for the Angarrack Christmas Lights (you will see them if you visit- switch-on is usually in early Dec). I was going to paint in the boats after using masking fluid but having painted the background and discovered the bleed lines, it now looks like a wood-cut, so that's as far as it got. 106765362 Red Buoy SOLD 6"x16" 3D canvas #211002 By special request, a variation on a theme... 117496348 Galleon 10" x 10" 3D canvas #210057 The same design as "3 ships" only coloured in (blame it on the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie!) 106765363 Fishes NFS Back in the early 1980s I took this picture after spending a day on a trawler in the Scilly Isles. The fish are "murgies" or dogfish. About 10 years later I did a sketch in an hexagonal frame shape. In 2009 I bought an hexagonal canvas, some acrylic paints with colours that had just become available, and painted the thing in about four hours of catharthic bliss! It's true; good things come to those who wait! (28 years from conception to actualisation in this case) 79940717 Green Buoy 20" x 8" 3D canvas #210039 Currently being copied with a red buoy for a client who has a thing about my red uses sand from St Ives harbour which is where I saw the original. 86580959 SOLD Sand Ripples with Yellow Buoy SOLD 8" x 20" 3D canvas #209020 This orangey-red buoy was the only note of colour on a murky day at Portreath, the sand ripples just demanded an abstract traeetment. This was part of the inspiration for the Red Boat series as the colours inspired the boat hulls I now paint. Currently in Wales with appreciative owners. 79940718 Water's Edge Acrylic with low relief detail #209022 I "painted" the image with a polyfilla-like medium before colouring. I tried to capture the colour shift of harbour water over sloping sand. The buoy and rope gives it definition. 79940721 Porthleven Tenders 6" x 16" 3D canvas #210042 86871760 Boats Pair each 5" x 5" I love abstracting the shape of working boats, these are two sketches from the same boat at Mullion many years ago 80641649